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Buyer's Guide: Bathroom Plants

Plants For Bathrooms Can Make Your Bathroom Look Elegant

Plants for Bathrooms come in different varieties and types to cater to all the needs of the users. Plants provide a calming, soothing feel and provide a sense of serenity to any person who spends time in the lavatory. Bathrooms are often the ideal area where various types of aromatic plants are placed because these beautiful marvels of nature flourish well even in the low-light and damp environments of the bathroom. Another commonly asked question often is what are the advantages of having plants inside the bathroom? They not only prove to be great decorating ideas but also prove to be of great help in relieving stress and providing a soothing environment inside the house.

Plants help you by reducing humidity around your bathroom. Humidity around the bathroom tends to be high due to water spraying everywhere from the taps, window fans, etc. Plants not only provide a soothing ambiance but also help in reducing humidity in the bathroom by a huge margin. This will result in the best air purifying plants to be used in the bathroom and make your bathroom smell pleasant and clean.

Plants are the best solution against fungi and molds which tend to grow in bathrooms. The moist and hot environment of bathrooms encourages the growth of molds, some of which might be harmful and cause diseases. Plants help you combat this problem by eliminating the chances of the growth of molds in bathrooms. They absorb a large amount of moisture from the surroundings and prevent any chance of the growth of molds or fungi.

Plants are great for enhancing the beauty of your bathrooms. There are varieties of plants that grow well and are available at all times of the year. Some of them may not be available at all times of the year. However, there are some plants which can be available almost throughout the year. These plants include Marigold, Pennyroyal, Water Hyacinth, Watermelon, Tulips, Creeping ivy, Moroccan lime, and Damask rose. All these plants not only look beautiful, they also prove to be very effective for keeping your bathrooms clean.

It is a good idea to choose plants for bathrooms not just for their decorative purposes but also because of their ability to absorb moisture and provide a cleaner atmosphere. Plants have an amazing capability to absorb moisture and retain it for long periods. This feature makes them the best plants for bathrooms. Plants have the ability to filter air and change it into oxygen and carbon dioxide. This will make your air-purifying plants very effective in eliminating harmful impurities in the air.

Low Light Plants: A major problem with bathrooms is low light condition. Bathrooms do require a lot of lighting but at the same time, they also need a lot of fresh air. Peace Lily is considered one of the best low light plants which can grow easily in even a small area.

Aquatic Plants: There is a large number of plants that can be used as aquariums in your bathroom. There are different types of tropical orchids like Pampi, Hornwort, Kalanchoe, Umbrella orchid, etc. which can be used for creating such an atmosphere. These plants provide a good combination of natural beauty with the added benefit of providing an excellent air purifying system.

Shower Plants: Living walls are great for providing low-light habitat for your houseplants. However, living walls made of wood do not lend themselves well for using other houseplants. But you can use flowering plants like roses, honeysuckle, and lavender to provide your bathroom an exotic look. You can get these plants at flower shops near your locality or order them online. All these types of houseplants can thrive well if kept in proper condition.

FAQs: Bathroom Plants

Why are plants important in the bathroom?

Plants naturally convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, which improves air quality. Your plants are helping to clean and detoxify the air in your home. As a result, adding a plant to your bathroom is a simple way to instantly transform it.

What plant lives in bathroom?

PothosBecause it prefers indirect, moderate to low light, pothos is an excellent plant for a bathroom counter or shelf. According to Marino, pothos does not require extra humidity but is an excellent choice for bathrooms due to its ability to withstand lower light levels and irregular watering.

Do plants do well in bathrooms?

Users can make bathrooms more welcoming by decorating them with living plants. This improves the decor as well as the air quality. Bathrooms are typically warm and humid environments that are ideal for growing plants. Water is also available at all times to water the plants. You must make sound decisions.

Which plant should be kept in bathroom as per Vastu?

Here is a list of air-purifying plants that you can keep in your bathroom. Orchids. Orchids are excellent bathroom plants because they are water-sensitive and can grow in damp or humid conditions. Bamboo, Peace Lily, Aloe Vera, Croton, ZZ Plant, Ferns, Ferns.

How do I put plants in my bathroom?

Simple Hanging: This is a simple way to incorporate this look into your bathroom. Choose a plant that is adaptable and easy to grow to ensure that it fills the space on your wall. Hang the plant from the ceiling or attach a towel hook to keep it at eye level.

Is it good feng shui to have plants in bathroom?

Many people believe that plants in the bathroom, like plants in the bedroom, are bad Feng Shui. They can help to increase the positive energy in your bathroom if they are strategically placed and not overly abundant.

Can a spider plant live in bathroom?

Spider plants, like snake plants, prefer bright light but can tolerate low light. These plants are ideal for adorning the walls of a bathroom. They will also give birth to baby spider plants, which you can grow..

Can you put fake plants in the bathroom?

As a bathroom decoration, a fake plant can be used. It is simple to install and will not mold or disintegrate in a hot bathroom. Artificial plants are the ideal bathroom accessory.

How do you use plants in the bathroom?

Hangings that are simple
This is a simple method of incorporating this style into your bathroom. Choose a plant that is both flexible and easy to grow in order to ensure that the plant fills up your wall. Hang the plant from the ceiling or connect a towel hook to the bottom of the pot to maintain it at eye level.

What plant can I put in my bathroom without windows?

You might want to explore the following plants for your bathroom with no windows: Peace Lilies, Boston ferns, philodendrons, spider plants, aloe vera, English ivy, and snake plants are just a few of the plants available.

Can plants help with humidity in bathroom?

A good technique to reduce humidity in your bathroom is to add plants to the space. While you may use dehumidifiers to lower humidity levels, investing in the best bathroom plants will be more beneficial to your health in the long run. In addition, they are very stunning!
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