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Buyer's Guide: Cocoa Plants

Growing Cocoa Plants For Chocolate Lovers

A Cocoa Plants Buyers Guide will be your best ally when it comes to buying these special treats. We all love them and I think we can all relate to the feeling of anticipation that grows within us when we finally bite into a delicious chocolate bar... or even a little bar of handmade dark chocolate. So if you've been thinking about owning your very own farm of cocoa, don't delay - it's so easy to do!

The first thing you'll need for your very own Cocoa Plants is a seed. These can be bought from specialist suppliers (online or in small-town) and then just sowed directly into the ground. Don't worry if the cocoa beans you buy aren't that perfect, as they'll soon turn into smooth, beautiful seeds. Then just wait for a plant to appear! You should expect to get at least two plants if not more. Just plant them in a sunny spot and water regularly - the first few days you don't need much at all.

Next, you'll need to make sure you know the proper way of cultivating cocoa plants. They should be kept away from direct sunlight, which dries out the soil. Also, try to give each plant only about six hours of light per day and try to keep as much shade in the room as possible. That's really all there is to it! Just remember to have fun and enjoy your new plant, and you'll be enjoying your own organic beans very soon!

There are lots of different varieties of cocoa trees that grow wild in most parts of the world, but those that are used in producing cocoa beans are the most common. As such, it is fairly easy to find plants suitable for growing, meaning you won't have to go hunting for rarer or hard-to-find seeds. All you really need to do is buy some pots or containers and plant the seeds in. It is important to make sure you plant the right variety of cocoa trees, otherwise, it might take a while for the plants to start growing. But once they do, you'll have tasty, fresh chocolate sooner than you thought possible!

If you don't want to buy any pots or containers, then there are other options you can consider. You could buy some bare-root plants or seedlings, which you could take home and plant right away. The great thing about bare-root plants or seedlings is that you can simply plop them into the ground and you don't have to worry about them being bothered by bees or other insects. That's a big plus since chocolate beans themselves tend to be rather aggressive by nature, so any predators would likely take them before you get the chance to taste their delicious taste.

A lot of people also choose to buy French tulips instead of the more traditional chocolate or cocoa beans. Tulips come in a huge array of colors, so it's easy to match the color of the soil to the colors of the plants you buy. These are also very easy to grow, which is nice if you are not interested in having a continuous garden. The tulips will bloom for about a year, but then the leaves will drop and turn into beautiful colorful berries. It's definitely worth the wait.

When growing plants in soil, it's important that you provide them with plenty of nutrients. Too many nutrients in the soil will make it hard for the plants to survive. Too many nutrients in the soil will also make it hard for the plants to get the sunlight they need to grow, which can actually be more damaging than helpful. If you are growing plants in soil, you should know that you should water your plants every few weeks, while the ground is still damp. This ensures that the soil doesn't dry out completely.

If you aren't too interested in growing your own chocolate plants, then it may be easier for you to stick with buying the actual chocolate beans from a wholesaler, as most of them have their own chocolate plants that are easier to care for. But even if you do buy from a wholesaler, you may still want to check out local home and garden stores in your neighborhood that sell plants for chocolate. Chances are, some of them might have chocolate plants that are still growing. You may even find some plants that you like so much that you purchase them as your own personal collection.