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Fertilizing Your Rice Plants in the Summer

If you have a large family or are growing your own rice, it may be worth your while to check out a rice buyers guide. A rice buyer's guide can give you an overview of the process involved in buying rice. It can help you pick the best types of rice for your needs. It can also help you choose where to buy your rice crops.

First, you should buy what you need and not buy more than you need. Too many people get tractor loads of rice crops and then find that they are not able to get through the season. When rice crops are sold by truckload, it means they have been harvested. Buying enough to eat yourself is not enough; you need enough to make your own meals with.

You should also make sure that you are getting high-quality rice. The rice plant actually grows the highest quality rice when it is allowed to grow unrestricted. You need to make sure that the rice crops you buy have been grown on farms that are free from chemicals and other unhealthy practices. You should also ask if the farmers sterilize the rice before packing it. Finally, ask how long the rice has been sitting on the shelves before you buy it.

You need to buy plants that have proper light and water conditions. Sunlight is key, especially for rice plants. Do not purchase plants based on the amount of sun they get; instead, buy plants based on the amount of light they need. Do not purchase plants with poor quality soil; instead, purchase plants with good quality soil. When you get ready to plant your first rice crop, the soil should be ready as well.

Many people think that rice plants need to be planted in pots, but this is not true. Plant the rice crop in a special container designed for a rice plant. Use a pot that has drainage holes at the bottom. Keep the pot away from any standing water, as water can be an issue during humid weather. The container should also have two drainage holes and be six to eight inches deep. Place your rice crops on top of the drainage holes so that they will be properly fed with water.

Once your rice plant has been planted, add fertilizer and compost to the soil. The fertilizer will help keep the roots healthy. If you notice that the soil is not draining on its own, then you may need to add water to the soil several times a week. Also, make sure to mulch the area around the rice plant, as it helps soil retain moisture. Mulching also keeps weeds from growing near your rice crops.

After a few weeks of warm weather, you will need to water your rice crops. You should do this once each month during the hot part of the season. If you don't, the roots of the rice plant will rot due to a lack of water. Do not over-water your rice plant, because it can cause root rot and starve the rice of nutrients.

Finally, you need to fertilize your plants in the summer. You can do this in the spring, but it is better to do it in the summer when temperatures are high. Fertilizer can be added through the leaves of the plant, through a spray bottle, or even by hand. Make sure that the fertilizer that you use is labeled for tropical plants and follow the directions carefully. This will ensure that your rice plant will flourish for years to come.