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Wandering Jew Plants


Buyer's Guide: Wandering Jew Plants

Some Tips on Running Your Wandering Jewish Lottery Entries Successfully

The Wandering Jew is one of the more unique-looking herbs in the game. As you wander through the various levels, you pick up these plants and use them to help you on your journey. When you first acquire them, however, they are very weak and don't have many uses. You can, however, find better ones as you continue your trek. In this Wandering Jewish guide, I'll show you where to find better herbs for your journeys. This way, you can get more for your time and make your character stronger.

The first place that you should look for wandering herbs is, of course, online. You can buy these directly from the leveling site or buy them from other vendors on the World Map. I recommend that you buy from an auction house because it's much cheaper than buying them from a leveling site. If you play on the EU server, then you should buy from an auctioneer. Remember that these are very cheap so be wary of the prices. You can always bump them up a bit once you see their price.

Another good spot is the crafting bench. There you can buy the ingredients you need for wandering quickly. Keep an eye out for vendor recipes that require the same herbs, or at least sell them together for a profit. Sometimes there will even be two vendors selling similar herbs. That's how you can really maximize your wandering profits.

A vendor on the AH will sell many different herbs. So look around for one that has a good price and that you know you can buy at a higher price down the line. Remember that you don't always have to buy everything at one time. Sometimes you can wait until the next batch comes out to buy what you want.

A great place to find good herbs is on the treasure map. You should buy as many of the items on the map as possible. In my opinion, it's important that you gather all the herbs you can in one spot. One thing I like to do is put two or three herbs in each chest. That way, if I run out of one herb, I can grab another from the chest nearby. If that spot doesn't have any herbs, it's not a big deal to run back to the entrance of the treasure map and restock.

Another trick to maximizing profits while playing this game is to figure out where to get most, if not all of your ingredients. Once you have them all, sell them at one time. Most people just drop whatever they are carrying when they get hit by an enemy. But if you buy cheap stuff, you can pick them up and keep them at your side. That way you can always have an extra bottle of potion at hand.

It's also worth it to buy potions and scrolls from the vendors. Instead of buying them from the Auction House, go straight to the vendor and buy what you need. Keep in mind that some vendors will only take human money. You don't want to be caught by a moderator saying that you have to buy more money before they will let you keep anything.

Overall, it's just a matter of having the right mindset. When I'm running around trying to find the best items to sell, I try to think like an actual buyer. What are their needs? How do they expect to receive them? Is it profitable for me to buy cheap and sell high quality at the same time?